Mp3 Tag Tools

Free ID3 Tag Editing tool for Windows programmed entirely in Visual C++ & MFC by John George K.


Download the latest version here: Download Page.

Mp3 Tag Tools v 1.2 Build 010 (C) 2015 John George K.
July 28th,2015:
*Fixed compatibility issue with Windows Vista and 7
*Updated source code available that can be compiled with Visual Studio 2013 Community edition

Mp3 Tag Tools v 1.2 Build 008 (C) 2003 John George K.
October 8th,2003:
new version install is recommended:
*Complete rewrite of Format options to allow typing in of custom filename formats, storing of formats, use <Ignore> format tag in filename format
*Added menu and keyboard shortcuts to all major functions
*Improved file tagging, MTT can now tag files even if they are being played
*Improved list view sorting and refresh, added Invert selection
*Improved error handling
*Improved Correct case added options
*Improved Clean Filenames, it will now remove excess whitespace, capitalize after symbols & prefixes
*Improved Directory dialog, added *.mp3 Filter to show only mp3s
*Added Colors to file lists for alternate items and untagged files
*Added Selective copying of tags and options
*Added Autoload last used directory on startup option
*Added Correct Tags function
*Fixed the default genre bug when creating new ID3v1.1 tags
*Fixed bug overwriting tags when picture tag is removed
*Fixed ID3v2 comment parsing bug

Mp3 Tag Tools v 1.2 Build 007 (C) 2003 John George K.
March 1,2003
*Full source code available, GPL license
*Major rewrite of MTT code, uses virtual list views now
*Added Main Program Preferences dialog to show/hide columns
*Added Feature for selective export of tag columns
*Added Preserve File Date-Time stamp option
*Added Delete Files menu item to send duplicates to recycle bin
*Added Invert checkbox selection button to tab pages
*fixed lyrics3v2 bug, added feature to remove all such non-ID3 Tags

Mp3 Tag Tools v 1.2 Build 006 (C) 2002 John George K.
December 22nd, 2002
new version install is recommended, bug fixes:
*fixed bug due to which "error enabling tag windows" error message was displayed
on startup when use directory format was checked
* improved mpeg sync detection for mp3s with false frame syncs in the id3v2 tags
*exception handling for unicode filenames
*Added All and None buttons to the id3v1 & id3v2 pages for easier checking of tag boxes.

Mp3 Tag Tools v 1.2 Build 005 (C) 2002 John George K.
November 26th, 2002
new version install is recommended, bug fixes:
*fixed bug in Copy id3v2 to id3v1.1 function
*Added XP theme support
*Added 3 omitted winamp genres 

Mp3 Tag Tools v 1.2 Build 004 (C) 2002 John George K.
November 3rd, 2002
new version install is recommended, bug fixes:
* fixed bug due to which MBCS (non english language Czech, Chinese etc)
 users who use non unicode fonts could not use custom rename,
 MTT now allows that as well as removes unallowed characters in filenames.
* New copy ID3v1.1 to ID3v2.x tags and vice versa in right click menu
* New Synchronize tags in right click menu, which will complete empty tags
using information in other ID3 tag if present.

Mp3 Tag Tools v 1.2 Build 003 (C) 2002 John George K.
October 2nd 2002
All users of previous MTTv1.2 are strongly recommended to uninstall the old version and install the new v1.2 Build 003. It has several crucial bug fixes like:
* Can read tags even when song is playing in a player like Winamp etc
* Fixed bug by which tags were removed when a file is selected after Refresh list button is used, following the tagging of a file.
* Fixed bug in "Create Directory" for format \Artist\Album\ due to which directories were not created when the Artist tag is same.
* Build 003 will now remove all illegal characters from the generated filename when using Custom Format Rename, also from Create Directory generated names
* New feature by which user can input into id3v1 or2 tag info boxes then press "Enter" on keyboard to update(write tags), navigate easily to next file with arrow keys.
* Can export tag data to a tab delimited text file
* View allmusic info for tagged files

Mp3 Tag Tools v 1.2 (C) 2002 John George K.
April 28th 2002
* ID3v2 support with lyrics and picture tagging using id3lib(C)
* Get Tag info using Directory Formats
* Create Directories and organize mp3s from tag info
* 5 different separators can be specified in custom format
* Number of zeroes can now be specified in leading zeroes option
* Ergonomic Open Directory box
* Auto update modified tags on changing a list item
* All program settings saved to ini file
* Previous version bugs fixed

Mp3 Tag Tools v 1.1 (C) 2001 John George K.
January 18,2002:
* Added right click menu with all tag operations, play file, enqueue in winamp, select all files etc
* Added keyboard handlers "F5" for refresh list, "Ctrl+A" to select all files, MTT has been simplified and directory mode taken out, the same can be achieved by using select all files.
* Added filepath editbox
* Added CMpegHeader a class to view all MPEG header information, quite accurate(better than Winamp etc) even for mp3s with false frame syncs
* Added Use Leading zeros for track, Append Bitrate and Append Mode options for custom file rename
* Added Sorting on clicking list column headers
* Added Main program window maximize handler
* Added Option to stop long directory searches by pressing the Escape button during search for mp3s
* Fixed a few other minor bugs

Mp3 Tag Tools v 1.0
November 28, 2001:
* Mass Tagging
* Custom Formats Tag specification like "<Artist> - <Album> - <Title>" just by checking its checkboxes.
* Renaming Tags from Filenames using Custom Formats
* Renaming Filenames From Tags using Custom Formats
* Cleaning Filenames of unwanted charachters such as %20 and underscores "_" and Correcting their case to capitalize only the first letter of each word.
* Recursion - All these tag operations can be carried out either in Directory Mode (with recursion in all subdirectories) or in File Mode by individually selecting one or more files from a mp3 tag list, created by searching a specified directory with or without recursion.
* Update any Tag simply by double clicking its entry in the list.
* Clean and correct case of tag fields of individual files.

massid3lib v1.2 (C) 2001 John George K.
November 28, 2001:
* Major New Functions added
* Added readTags function to read id3v1.1 tags and return an ID3 structure.
* Added helper functions like addGenretoComboBox, GetGenreFromId, GetIdFromGenre.
* few bug fixes, by which read only attributes caused failure of the writeTags functions.